Micheal: You know that serpent in the garden thing Lucifer did? I told Dad it was Gadreel!

Gadreel: Dammit Gabriel! It’s not funny! Dad made me go to my room for eternity!


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A small rant



Today I got into work to hear someone arguing about TWD and Bethyl. It’s a specific argument about the Beth and Daryl power dynamic that I have come across before here and elsewhere and I would like to address it. I need to vent. Excuse me while I do. Normal service will resume shortly.

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Um allow me to interject because my strong suite is not math but…

Beth at the time of her appearance on the show was 15. at the most she is currently 16 or 17.  The first three seasons of the show could only have taken place over a 9 to 10 month period.  That is supported by the fact that Lori was pregnant and humans do not have 2 year gestational periods.

And Judith is still an infant at the most between 5 to seven months old which old ads another 5 to 7 months on to the nine month period of gestation; that means that it has not quite been two years that have passed.  Meaning that Beth is either 16 or 17 years old.  Like it or not sexual relationships between a 17 year old and anyone of the age of 20 makes the older party a sexual a sexual offender, consensual or not.  

That is the problem that most people have with Bethyl, they can count.

It doesn’t matter that the writers or producers pull these imaginary time frames out of their asses.  They cannot change basic human physiology.  Lori was pregnant for nine months and Judith ages as any other human baby.  This is not an attack on a ship, it is undeniable scientific fact.

Jensen [Ackles] has a naked scene. [laughs]
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